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Kate Spade Sandals

A look at Kate Spade shoes and many other brands of footwear.

If you’re looking for a great summery sandal, there are plenty of pairs of Kate Spade sandals available that should suit you really well.  I’ve been wearing various pairs of these for the last two years, and I have to say that a few of the pairs amongst my favorites (and I have way too many shoes).

There’s a wide variety of Kate Spade sandals out there, which should definitely suit you well.  Depending on your personal tastes, you should have no trouble finding a pair that jumps out at you.  You’ll also be happy to know that while there are plenty of higher end pairs of Kate Spade sandals available, there are more reasonably priced options too.  Some are even below the $100 mark.  Let’s take a look at one such pair now.

The Toby Lime slide sandals by Kate Spade are a great leather canvas summer shoe.  With a perfect look for that time of year, you’ll definitely like the light feel that these sandals give off.  The polka dot accents are great in lime green, and the great thing about these slide sandals is the fact that they go well with just about any style.

Whether you’re wearing the Kate Spade Toby Lime slide sandals with jeans, skirts, or more formal dresses, they’ll look great with any of these outfits.  With a low heel, you’ll only be about 1.5 inches above ground.  Comfortable enough to walk in, yet enough to give you a bit of a lift.

What you may like most about these is the price.  The Toby Limes come in at just under $75 per pair on average, making them a very appealing option in the Kate Spade sandal line.

Let’s take a look at a more higher end sandal here, in case you’re looking for something even more chic.

The Kate Spade Beatrice Croco flat sandals are a bit more exquisite.  With some crocodile embossed leather uppers, linings, and soles, these Italian imports are flat out stylish.  The gold stone studs are a great touch as well.

While this shoe typically sells for about $135 per pair, you’ll be happy to know that the off season has brought about some sales on the Beatrice Croco flat sandals by Kate Spade.  I’ve seen them as low as $78 on sale in a few places, and I’m sure you can find them too – perhaps at a better price.  Take advantage of this deal if you can, as these really do look great.

Lastly, let’s look at one more set of Kate Spade sandals.  These are even higher end, and you’ll see why.

The Kate Spade Foster Thong Jeweled sandals feature both metallic leather and jewels along the top of the shoe.  While this may be said to be an acquired taste, these Italian made Kate Spade sandals are some of the finest in her line of shoes.  The heel is just one inch tall, and the insole is padded, making for a very comfortable sandal.

Running at a price of $295 per pair, the difference in price between these and the other pairs of Kate Spade sandals mentioned above is substantial.  Then again, so is the difference in quality.